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ICTO2023 topics


Areas of interest include, amongst others, the following:

General Conference Theme

  • Ethical AI and sustainable development goals

  • Responsible IS design and innovation (incl circular economies).

  • Societal impact of IS and emerging technologies (AI, IoT)

  • Strategies (e.g. best practices, policies, and governance) for addressing the unintended consequences of IS and emerging technologies


Information Systems 

  • IS for social inclusion and circular economies

  • IS for social innovation and entrepreneurship

  • IS for digital transformation (incl operations and supply chain management)

  • Datafication and digitalisation for digital development

  • Green IS and sustainability

  • Industry 4.0 technologies

  • Analytics and ICT4D  (Social media analytics/business analytics/big data analytics)

  • ICTs for enabling smart cities, urbanisation and living

  • Ethics and CSR issues related to IS

  • Knowledge management

  • Cyber security

  • Applications of IS and analytics to address grand societal challenges

  • Human computer interaction (HCI)

  • IS and ICT adoption studies

  • Smart transportation and mobility



  • Digital platforms for economic development

  • Mobile payments and digital ecosystems

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Blockchain


Economics, Sociology, and Psychology

  • Socio-economic inclusion in the digitized society

  • Economic and social effects of IS

  • Socio-economic transformation in a digitized society

  • Healthcare and global pandemics


Management and Marketing

  • Business model innovation

  • AI and the future of work

  • AI and marketing (B2B, B2C)


Computer Science

  • Emerging technologies

  • Mobile applications

  • Cyber security


Teaching and Learning

  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Learning analytics

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