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ICTO2023 Consortia

Aim to support the growth of young talents 



The Doctoral Consortium will take place on Thursady July 6th  2023. There is no extra fee to participate in the symposium but you are required to register for the conference.

The  Doctoral Symposium provides an opportunity for doctoral students to present and develop their research in an interdisciplinary workshop, facilitated by a panel of senior researchers:

  • Prof. Marco De Marco, Uninettuno University,  Italy

  • Prof. Hajer Kefi, EMLV, France

  • Prof. Sana Skandrani, Karlstad Business School, Sweden

The Doctoral Consortium will be action-focused, with an emphasis on conceptualisation, analysis,
and visualisation skills and techniques rather than standard presentations. We invite students who
feel this kind of experience will serve to progress their dissertation journey to apply for this unique
opportunity to share and develop their work with students and staff.

Submissions should not exceed 4 pages and should contain the following information;
(i) stage of Ph.D.
(ii) statement of research problem/objective
(iii) summary of closely related prior research
(iv) research method used or planned
(v) expected contributions of work.

You submit it (as PDF) by e-mail at

The Junior Faculty Consortium will take place on Thursday July  6th 2023.


The Junior Faculty Consortium is designed for junior faculty to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges of becoming established academics within their field.

The Junior Faculty Consortium Chairs :

  • Prof. Michel Philippart, Place Escange, France

  • Prof. Peter Saba, EMLV, France

  • Prof. Mauro Romanelli, University of Naples “Parthenope”, Italy

  • Prof. Mousa Albashrawi, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia


The Junior Faculty Consortium will provide you with practical advice on how to plan and manage your future career. The half-day workshop will address various topics and related choices that you have to make on your career journey, including publication and networking strategies, tenure preparation and career planning, work-life balance, managing co-authorships, etc. This one-day workshop offers a platform for discussion and networking opportunities.

Kindly submit your CV in PDF format to

Doctoral Consortium
Thursday July 6th, 2023  (8:30AM – 11:00AM)


DC 1 Thursday July 6th, 2023  (8:30AM – 10:00AM)

co-Chairs : Prof. Hajer Kefi & Prof Marco De Marco 

•Nana Addae-Mensah, Business School Lausanne (Director: Mario Saba PhD): “Cyber Security and Human Behavior in Organizations: The case of ASML and the Brainport region in the Netherlands “

•Ali Allan Soueidan, BAU, (Director: Antoine Harfouche):  “Use of XR & AI to transform the knowledge transfer experience in the corporate world in the gulf region”

•Serge-Lopez Wamba-Taguimdje, Université Côte d'Azur,: “Competencies Development in Business Model Innovation in the Era of Big Data Intelligence and the Role of the Local Ecosystem“

DC2 Thursday July 6th, 2023  (8:30AM – 10:00AM)

co-Chairs : Prof. Peter Saba & Prof Michel Philippart

Ali H. Shmayssani, BAU, (Director: Antoine Harfouche): “ The impact of Lean and Agile Management in Decreasing the negative effect of Bureaucracy in the Military institutions during Economic Crisis, The Successful Example of Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) “

•Racha Yamout , BAU (Director: Antoine Harfouche)“ The nefarious roles of Cryptocurrency on Cyber–Financial Crimes “


DC Plenary Session

       Thursday July 6th, 2023 10:00AM – 11:00AM


“The choices that young researchers have to make on their early career journey, including teaching, publication, networking strategies, career planning, work-life balance and managing co-authorships, etc.”

Prof. Claudia Loebbecke, Dept. of Media and Technology Management, University of Cologne, Germany, Association for Information Systems (AIS): AIS Honorary Lifetime Member, AIS Fellow 2012, AIS President 2005-2006


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